Iryna Korolenko

Founder and CEO of iSALON.

The founder of iSALON, a businesswoman and entrepreneur, fashion model and world-traveler, Iryna Korolenko is a portrait of the modern Renaissance woman. Born in Ukraine, she balanced passion and professionalism, ambition and sophistication from an early age, modeling internationally by 16 while prioritizing higher education.

After receiving postgraduate degrees both in international
economy and psychology, Iryna began a career working for global corporations, negotiating multi-million dollar contracts.
By seamlessly navigating between the worlds of business and beauty, from airline to fashion runways, she has gained a worldview unique among her peers.

Seeking new opportunities, Iryna packed a single suitcase and moved to the United States in 2014. Despite having no support network, she paved her way in an unfamiliar environment, and continues to trailblaze her singular career workingwith prominent designers and global brands both as a model and businesswoman. In boardrooms and at photo shoots, presentation matters, but it doesn’t have to be inconvenient. It was during a commute in traffic that Iryna realized it was smarter, safer, and simpler to have beauty services delivered directly to her door.

Any modern professional will recognize the importance of quickly connecting with services wherever they are, whenever they are – and with iSALON, you can. Iryna is based in California but continues to pursue her passion exploring new places and meeting new people, always looking forward to new challenges and discovering innovative ideas. A consummate Capricorn, culinary dilettante, and classic cinema enthusiast, she most appreciates the simple things in life, especially her French bulldog, Blu.